London based music producer, Faze Miyake presents a mini-documentary film chronicling the release of his debut album. Noting the experiences surrounding the release of his first full-length project, the brilliant visual piece combines different mediums of film edited together magnificently to a mix of three tracks from the album.

The mix of lo-fi mobile phone and HD DSLR footage also taps into the glossy, neo-futuristic world of Miyake’s album material and presents him as an artist with a keen eye for concepts – with every beat, snare roll and icy, distorted melody mirrored by a sprawling mix of hi-grade visual elements. Bright, quick-fire flashes, neon-tinted heat maps and rendered 3D shapes punctuate the film as he journeys across Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Shanghai and London, where the film centres on his album launch party and a session with premiere online streaming channel, Boiler Room.

With an interesting interplay between music and visuals, the film takes the viewer on a journey across Europe and Shanghai, culminating in the boiler room session and album launch party in London.

In alignment with the future-facing, cosmic undertones to Miyake’s album, the visuals add a humble, natural depth to the accompanying tracks, serving as valuable insight into the musical life of a producer very much on the rise.

The album is now available via and Rinse Recordings.

Art Direction – Ross Westland

Filming & Editing – Joseph Marshall

Music – Faze Miyake