We recently caught up with AUDI0comingS00N after their brief but impactful stop over in Paris. Emmanuel DJ’d at the Represent  ‘DUSK AW16’ show whilst Ashton walked for the brand. They later went onto DJ at the Cartel Club were the afterparty took place. The mix they’ve given us varies with tracks from the likes of Achal and Eric Dingus, to Pusha T. Listen to it above.

Thank you for taking time to make us the little eclectic mix. Let’s take this back to the beginning for those that may not know you – how did it all start for you both?

(Emmanuel)We where in Milan for SS15 and had heard about the Phillip Plein afterparty. Rumours of his eccentric afterparty’s left us curious. We crashed the party and it was legendary. That night, AUDI0comingS00N was born.
Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?(Ashton)We’re inspired by a lot of things not just one individual. Anyone that is succeeding and is happy with what they’re doing, we’re inspired by.
What is your opinion regarding the age old debate of vinyl v. digital?(E)Accessibility makes digital more appealing, nowadays people want to hear songs transition faster. Vinyl was all about what you can do with a track, scratching, adjusting tempo etc. Spinning digital for us means we’re able to manoeuvre through tracks and filters.
Do you think this has hurt the ability of having a certain sound? A DJ’s ability to have a unique style?
(E) The exclusivity will never be lost. Your sound is your energy, your style is your energy. Our style is an eclectic mashup and this coincides with the sound we play.
What single night out has been the most memorable for you as DJs?(E)Spinning in Pisa, Italy. Young kids, going mad. Probably the realest night thus far.
When you look at your journey so far what inspires you, what advice do you give to yourselves?
(E)The journey itself inspires us. The fact that there’s possibility to progress into something greater than your aware of is inspiring. We always tell ourselves, keep building and keep pushing. Growth is everything.
What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making? What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?
(A)Following rules. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, there are no rules in this game. Everyone makes it in different ways. There’s no right and wrong. It’s all about being as true as possible to yourself.
Where do you think the scene is heading? One year from now? Five years from now?
(E)It’s heading to a place where there are no genre brackets. We embrace that, good music is good music.
In terms of music what era would you choose to exist in?
(A)The scene now is growing and growing with new talent and amazing opportunity. Especially for London. The sound is being respected and noticed now.
What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
(E)Robert Glasper – Afro Blues Feat. Erykah Badu (9th Wonder’s Remix feat Phonte)
What will be this years mission for you both?
(Audi0)Building and growing! More mixes, more shows and maybe an EP or two may surface.

Check their soundcloud here.
Photographer: Rosie Matheson