When it comes to a passion for creation and keen eye for detail, Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points is by no means a stranger. It’s been a short while since his last venture, where we heard Shepherd travel to Morocco to team up with James Holden & Malaam Mahmoud Guinia for a collabrative EP named ‘Marhaba’. Now the maestro has returned with his highly-anticipated debut LP ‘Elaenia’, and it is nothing short of special.

The album was released on Nov 6th via Shepherd’s newly founded imprint, Pluto/Luaka Bop. Throughout the 7 tracks he manages to find an elegant balance between a palette of rich organic textures, whilst subtley flirting with his beautifully intricate synth-work and atmospherics. The lead single ‘Silhouettes’ is an epic 10 minute piece split into 3 parts made up of exquisitely delicate drum arrangements underneath a cascade of string and vocal crescendos. The second single ‘Nespole’ sees a return to the quintessential FloPo pulsing synth rhythms, similar to that of ‘ARP3’ or his more recent ‘Marhaba’. He even built his own harmonograph to create the cover for the record, using the track ‘For Marmish’. Watch the mind-blowing video for ‘Silhouettes’ above.

Currently on tour with the rest of the Floating Points Ensemble and with dates already selling out for 2016, their performances are certainly not to be missed.
Check out his tour dates here.