Filmmaker Raul Buitrago has collaborated with legendary Brooklyn writer GOUCH to produce a brilliant short film, chronicling GOUCH’s graffiti career and how it has played a role in his life. The intimate documentary delves into graffiti, living life as an ordinary citizen, and leaving a lasting legacy behind.

Throughout the filmmakers youth, having admired GOUCH’s carefully crafted handstyle’s and dedication to staying up throughout the city, Raul Buitrago was finally able to get in touch with the infamous writer through instagram in 2014. After earning his trust, conversations started about making a short video, made up entirely of action footage. GOUCH, having previously been featured in the classic State Your Name graffiti documentary, had never worked on a substantial and intimate project before. At this time, Raul was simply making videos on just his smart phone too. Once filming began and they started to record GOUCH’s narration, a more complex and interesting story emerged which the film maker had not anticipated, yet could have only dreamed of. Buitrago was able to capture and record a personal account of GOUCH’s life, including his upbringing and his battle’s with personal demons which have fuelled his unrelenting drive to leave his mark.

The film is topped off with a brilliant score, from one of GOUCH’s old friends and talented musician, Jazzsoon. GOUCH recalls, “I wanted the music to all be original from just one person. I knew [Jazzsoon] would capture the vibe we wanted the film to have. The music instantly makes me reminisce to the ’90s black book sessions I had with Jazzsoon and other Brooklyn writers in my basement. Those were the early stages of crafting our skills.”

Enjoy the video, above.