London Skate Journal is an exciting community photography project headed up by FH friends Craig Jackson and Jonny Grant. Inspired by the growing frustration with the glitz and glamour of how the skateboard community is portrayed and misrepresented in the media over the last few years, LSJ aims to give an honest representation and insight into what it’s actually like to be a skateboarder in 2016.

The project supplies skateboarders with a disposable camera and gives them free rein to capture their daily lives and endeavours, returning them when filled. From the images created, a record of everyday skateboarding life is compiled and published. Enlisting help from the extensive network of friends and acquaintances that Jackson has built in the British skate scene over the years, the London Skate Journal’s periodical releases offer an authentic snapshot of the skateboarding experience across the country.

In a conversation with huck about the project, Jackson stated, “Part of this project is highlighting the similar situations we all go through as skaters, i.e. regular stops at petrol stations, getting kicked out of spots, lots of sitting around as well as partying. I wanted to try and cover the different ends of the spectrum in terms of age and location to try and highlight differences as well as similarities that all skateboarders share on a regular basis.”

Issue #1 of the London Skate Journal features contributions from Mark Baines, Matlock Bennett Jones, Henry Edwards-Wood, David Yap, Shane Young and Khi Graham. Shot on location in London, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol and Paris, the photos provide an unadulterated insight into familiar moments in skating from a range of personal perspectives, with zero external direction, interference or agenda.

A selection of our favourite shots from the inaugural issue can be seen below. The low-fi, grainy images perfectly encapsulate the scene in the way Jackson and Grant intended. The full issue can be seen here. Keep it locked for #2, I’ve been told it will be worth the wait.