Autumn/Winter ’16 marks the launch of Rascals’ first ever womenswear collection. The Danish brand, founded by two brothers in Copenhagen in 2008, has built a reputation for their 90s inspired collections, fusing streetwear with sportswear. It’s great to see them branch out into womenswear with a strong inaugural collection; something that is vital in order to establish themselves as a standalone womenswear brand from the get go.

Both the menswear and womenswear collections sit strongly side by side, yet each collection has their own identity. We see similar designs and branding across both collections, altered where necessary for the different clothing types. In true Rascals’ form the womenswear collection is heavily influenced by the virtues of the 90’s, drawing inspiration from both sportswear and pop-culture from the decade. Items such as sporty flares, a half-zip collared maxi dress, fleece jacket with matching skirt, and a high collar skater dress take inspiration from the bohemian style of the 1970’s also. Subtle details have been added to the pieces, best illustrated in the frilly collared sweatshirts and the flare cuffs of the long sleeve tees. It’s pleasing to see that Rascals haven’t taken the easy route and played it safe with their first womenswear collection and have instead come with something different and exciting.

The mens collections also draws inspiration from the early 70’s, albeit the underground grunge scene, to craft a dark aesthetic of simplistic contemporary streetwear staples. The collection consists of the brand’s classic tees and sweats, half zip collared shirts, flannel zip jackets, and a range of statement patchwork-fleece outerwear. The slogans “Have You Seen” and “Still Missing” emblazoned over tees and jackets are reminiscent of the missing children on milk cartons and billboards from 1970s America. The colour palettes consists of wintery tones of brown, charcoal and black with pops of blue, red and gold.

Both lookbooks are shot by Danish native, Lasse Dearman, whose documentary style of photography manages to capture the collections in a timeless way successfully managing to evoke distinct memories from pop culture of decades’ past.

I was fortunate to see both collections a few weeks ago and the quality and detailing on the pieces is excellent. Contemporary Scandinavian clothing is unbeatable at the minute, and Rascals is very much a part of the mix. Items from both collections are now available to purchase through Rascals newly launched online store.