The Problem of the Wilderness

The Problem of the Wilderness

Good friend and amazingly talented filmmaker Tom Welsh recently spent New Year in Alaska and as a result, has produced one of the most beautiful short films I’ve seen. Also known underĀ for his work alias, Get Deluxe, Tom has produced brilliant video content for bands such as While She Sleeps and Architects, to brands such as adidas and Google.

There’s something about this video in particular that really stands out to me from Toms other work, maybe it’s because it’s a personal project where Tom obviously had complete creative control on the finished product. Almost in complete isolation with his friend Dan, he was able to capture the well-documented U.S. state in a different way, with a pretty basic kit too. The video is accompanied by a powerful verse from Bob Marshall, entitled The Problem of The Wilderness, narrated by Daniel Dorse.

In Toms own words;

I went to Alaska for New Year with my friend Dan; we spent a week travelling North from Anchorage by rail, 4×4 & light aircraft. I took along my A7SII for the trip.

Towards the end of 2016 I desired a trip disconnected from technology & work, somewhere ‘into the wild’ that I could disconnect somewhat from life in London. After our Tens sunglasses ( campaign shoot in Mexico in December, I headed North to Vancouver and spent Christmas snowboarding. Alaska looked like the most logical stop after that for a week or so in the wilderness. The more (little) I researched and booked, I realised I should probably take a camera with me, but didn’t want to be inconvenienced by all the gear I usually travel with – FS7, 16mm kit etc. So just took the basics –

The verse is from a book I found in our cabin ( that really resonated with the journey. Marshall was an environmental activist who wrote extensively about Alaska in the early 20th Century.